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band Gloria

“I am in love with this band and I think you will love it too” Lauren Laverne BBC 6 Music

Six sparkly, kaleidoscopic tracks in their customary Ronettes-on-Acid fashion” The 405

“I have been playing these non-stop!” Amy Lamé BBC 6 Music

Please everybody meet Gloria, a six-piece from Lyon France, making sunsoaked Californian psychedelia, mixed with accomplished technique. Three female vocalists Amy, Baby B and Wendy sing in harmonies that may remind of 1960s girl bands such results The Shanghri-Las, The Castaways or The Pretty Things, but these are contemporary songs.

Initially a studio project led by guitarist Kid Victrola, they released their first LP ‘In Excelsis Stereo’ in late 2016 with Howlin Banana to critical acclaim in their home country.

Then they started touring, gaining a reputation for brilliance, and perfect festival performances.

On the road, they created six songs with all the tensions, upbeatedness and reverb inhabiting their sound.

These songs were lay down at as a mini-LP, and we at Ample Play are really pleased to be teaming with Gloria and Howlin Banana to release this follow-up, entitled 'Oîphodon Echorama' on 9 March.