Collection: Matsuki Ayumu

Matsuki Ayumu is a well-known household name from Tokyo Japan, and rightly so, because his unique psychedelia with all array of sounds & instruments, all created by himself, make most bands feel they have too many moving parts.

He started out playing classical piano to packed auditoriums from the age of 10, but all this changed when he got his first Fostex 4 track cassette tape MTR. Within his noisy pop you might hear orchestra accompaniments, cockerels and alarm clocks, endearing melodies, a pop that Western ears will recognize but with a Japanese lilt that is both melodic & instantly catchy.

After a few years going down the major label route, he is now self-releasing through his website and Ample Play Records. Double album ‘One Billion Year Record’ came out in early 2012 , with 28 tracks. It’s a lot to take in, an album which travels well through European cities, & we can attest to that, but also keeps your household so upbeat you’ll be doing the Michael Jackson.

“Japanese Gruff Rhys, Gorky’s perfect indie pop with a Japanese slant, so many elements you will recognise yet very unique.” Rocksucker