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Matsuki Ayumu 'Two of Us' – Double A Single MP3

Matsuki Ayumu 'Two of Us' – Double A Single MP3

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The cult of Matsuki Ayumu spreads.  Free Download of the new single for a limited time. Add to basket and confirm order (no need to go to checkout) and you get your order confirmed with files ready to download in your account history.

A. Matsuki Ayumu ‘Two of Us’

AA. Matsuki Ayumu ‘Do Hard Disks Dream of Love?’

Described by Pitchfork as “A infectious superb-market of ideas” he continues selling his wares with the help of Jaan Silmberg from Pistoltrixx Films, Toronto who has created a unique and humorous video for the track ‘Two of Us’ that sees civilization change into a world of super heroes and pixellaction – the best sleepover to celebrate the school holidays. ‘Do Hard Disks Dream of Love?’ is classic Matsuki, “major league like Tame Impala, out of the court” to give a double A release that kicks most UK bands out of the parking lot.

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