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Cornershop 'Double Denim' / 'Sugar Sugar' AA single

Cornershop 'Double Denim' / 'Sugar Sugar' AA single

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When Cornershop last played in Minneapolis, a large car parked outside and a small man came into see them.  He was a big fan as Tjinder found out over a discussion prior to the show.  That big fan was Prince, & we bring him up here as many have mentioned that Double Denim sounds like early Prince, either way it is an instantly memorable song that celebrates the summer.

The single flipside is the perennial Sugar Sugar, chosen after someone on twitter said Cornershop were the real life Archies, which upon much investigation a statement the group rather liked.  In 1969 the song topped the charts both sides of the Atlantic, creating a phenomenon, as well as a fictional cartoon band. 

 Sugar Sugar, Double Denim.  This release proves there is still some cross Atlantic love out there.

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