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Cornershop ft Rosanna 'Double Denim' b/w Instrumental AA single

Cornershop ft Rosanna 'Double Denim' b/w Instrumental AA single

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‘Double Denim’ Single  b/w Instrumental

Ample Play Records & Cornershop present a new single featuring Italian indie film star Rosanna.

Now living in Milan, Rosanna portrays long hot summer nights that only someone from such a young and populated state can, over a no nonsense mid-80’s bassline.

It’s both a fanfare for the long nights of summertime and a reminder of the elemental heavy metal power of double denim.

The colourful video celebrates denim as a way of expressing one’s love for music with badges, patches or spray paint.  Featuring the fictional band Heavy Duty, Director Ian Viggars’s simple animation is an homage to both Hannah-Barbera and Peanuts.

Cornershop are currently back in the studio working towards a new album, more news of this when we have it, but as for now, it’s sounding extremely spicy. Version.

“The quintessential 21st century pop group” MOJO

“Clever and engaging, happily detached from the mainstream - an admirable way to continue down an improbable career path” The Guardian

“Cultural critique you can dance to” The Independent

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