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Ample Play Records

Cornershop & Pinky Ann Rihal 'Disco’s Main Squeeze' EP

Cornershop & Pinky Ann Rihal 'Disco’s Main Squeeze' EP

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Disco’s Main SqueezeEP featuring Pinky Ann Rihal

Produced by Tjinder Singh, Mastered at Third Man Mastering, Detroit

Label: Ample Play Records Cat No: AMP134DD

Tjinder Singh and Benedict Ayres were innocently having a cup of tea when they received a telegram sent to them in error.  Actually it was an email with a song attached. Now when you’re having a cup of tea and get a song sent to you out of the blue in such a manner, it demands you listen to it and despite it being nothing to do with them, Tjinder liked it so much to ask the folks at Naya Beat Records to do a mix.

Things that don’t have anything to do with you can take you to strange places.

Three months later a disco curry was madewith Pinky Ann Rihal doing vocals along with the band of Cornershop, all square ties.  L.A. meets London downtown.

Video comes courtesy of the expensive daily rate of Delhi’s finest editor of talkies, Dilip Anand.  The band in the video is the actual band Pinky Ann Rihal performing on Eastern Eye, its not just a gimmick.

Cornershop are one of Britain’s most inventive bands of the past 30 years” The Observer

filled with songs bursting at the seams with ideas, so cheerful and upbeat” 5/5 The Times

“Whatever sound they create, it’s classic and it’s Cornershop” John Peel

“a band that should be canonised” Record Collector

Cornershop are back, better than ever” 8/10 Uncut

“Timely and tremendous return” 4/5 Mojo

England Is A Garden is simply too good to ignore” 4/5 Record Collector

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