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Cornershop 'Snap Yr Cookies' LP MP3

Cornershop 'Snap Yr Cookies' LP MP3

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Ample Play Records were asked to make some mixes available, so we waited for new mixes to come and with some new tracks we created Snap Yr Cookies an album that works a club all night long.

All tracks are by respected DJs. The album is from a Cookie cut 3 ways:
East Coast America (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet)

West Coast America (Tal M Klein)

Italy (Casa del Mirto, VideoTape, Cat Cat Cat, Lorenzo Marinelli, Lorenzo Venturini)

The tracklisting goes something like this:
1. Non-Stop Radio (Casa del Mirto Mix) Cornershop ft Celeste 03:59
2. Milkin' It (Cat Cat Cat Mix) Cornershop ft In Light Of Aquarius 04:02
3. Snap Yr Cookies - Casa del Mirto ft Cornershop 05:05
4. Non Stop Radio (Lorenzo Marinelli Mix) Cornershop ft Celeste 05:30
5. Dedicated (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Version) - Cornershop ft Lorraine 03:55
6. Solid Gold (Tal M Klein Mix) - Cornershop featuring Katie 05:24
7. Non-Stop Radio (Lorenzo Venturini Mix) Cornershop ft Celeste 06:19

8. Milkin' It (Casa del Mirto Mix) Cornershop ft In Light Of Aquarius 03:29
9. Primitive Boogie (VideoTape Mix) Cornershop 03:29SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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