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Cornershop 'Wop The Groove' feat. Rowetta (Limited Edition)

Cornershop 'Wop The Groove' feat. Rowetta (Limited Edition)

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Wop The Groove was originally released through Rough Trade Records, Rowetta came on board encouraged by Tony Wilson of Factory Records who has always dug the band. It was recorded as part of a film Tjinder is slowly making, a part that required an unfetted slab of funk.

The B side was all about cassette technology with a technical look at the innards of your typical Dixons D90 Cassette.

This 12" comes with artwork from our very own Nick Edwards, and is top ranking in the Cornershop Series.  You can choose between 12" and MP3s, or just MP3s only.

12" is SOLD OUT now.



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