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Masaki Hanakata 'Lentment' – album

Masaki Hanakata 'Lentment' – album

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Masaki Hanakata - ハナカタマサキ - Playful, joyful & upful sound, how could we resist?

Masaki lives in Kochi, the main city of the Shikoku Island south of Japan, but he is a talent that is far from isolated, working with big bands and orchestras to turn his composed creations into musical magic. \n \nHe plays guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, glockenspiel, sitar, xylophone, and many more, hence the mixture of Prokofiev and the wide array of 70’s French Children’s Records. \n \nHis influences: The Beatles, Todd Harry Rundgren, living and breathing.

1. Africa
2. Wheel Barrow
3. Panama
4. Darumasan Ga Koronda
5. Cat Call
6. Attic
7. Mado
8. Mole
9. Other People
10. Fog
11. Hooter
12. Tum Tum
13. Free
14. Parapara
15. Owl

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