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Yokan System 'Whispering' – album

Yokan System 'Whispering' – album

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Mai and Tsukasa are Yokan System. 'Whispering' is their debut album, available in two formats: digital or CD. Set the dial to Cocteau Twins, Crystal Castles, early Human League.  Don't let the laid-back title ‘Whispering’ guide you - this is supermall music for earth people settling on Jupiter.

We first released two singles from the Tokyo-based duo have released 2 singles on Ample Play, becoming slowly known through BBC 6music plays & blog interest, and we were pleased to follow up with this debut album.

“Two of the finest indie talents in Tokyo right now” Clear & Refreshing Website, Tokyo

1. Kyo Kyo Ra  
2. Whispering  
3. A Dream You Never Wake Up From 
4. Klee  
5. Sympathy Doll  
6. Ipanema  
7. Tear Crystal  
8. Yokan Teresa 
9. Yapa  
10. Duplicate Key  
11. Melt Away  
12. Tete  
13. Sea Moon

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